A Band Fusing Spoken Word with Music

A Poem/Song about Recycling, but not the kind of recycling you might expect

We formed and “instant band” by recruiting some volunteers from the Heartwood audience. So in addition to Aaron Top (who is very versatile, but who does most of the drumming with SEA) on keyboards and leading the way, we had our usual guitarist Andy Elliot do some nifty guitar work. Then we rounded out the sound with Brandon Marlow joining us on bass, my neighbour, Heather, playing with us for the first time, adding some accordion, and some guy who I don’t really know all that well, at the moment, add some very cool, intuitive percussion. They just made the music up on the spot and I think they did a terrific job. SEE the entire LIVE RECORDING in THE RAFT section of our videos where I put side project stuff. The Piece is called “Plastic Bottles” and is based on something I observed and then added some “magic realism” to it.

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